Director Message

Danny Williams, Executive Director

Dear Friends,

Under normal circumstances we’d be happy to share news about upcoming performances, Of course, these are not normal circumstances, but despite that, we are still keeping the arts alive and well in Orono and want to give you an update on all that we are doing.

We are maximizing the use of our building to make sure to support the academic mission of the University of Maine, especially the School of Performing Arts. Every day, we are hosting multiple, socially distanced classes and rehearsals in the hall and on the stage. This gives the School of Performing arts the ability to offer their classes while keeping students safe and healthy. In addition, we are managing space in our lobby for weekly Covid tests for faculty and staff on campus. Our experience running large events and working with large crowds and complicated scheduling makes us a strong asset to the University as we assist with the many logistics of running a large campus during a pandemic. Members of the CCA team have been helping with testing procedures, providing technical support for classes, managing scheduling issues as they relate to testing, and even making calls to help with contact tracing for students, faculty and staff.

Programming remains the biggest question of all. So while it is not clear when we will be able to assemble, we are upgrading our ability to provide live streamed events and other improvements to the space so that when you do return, you can do so with confidence. Many people have asked me what they can do to help the CCA. There are three things:

  • First, be careful and keep yourselves safe. When we do come back, we need you to be well and healthy.
  • Second, you must try and keep the arts alive and present however you can. We curate a weekly “Six Picks” list of arts and cultural events and send it out via email. If you’re not already signed up, please do so by sending an email to Or you can just navigate to the homepage of our website and click on the “Six Picks” box.
  • Third, you can help by making a gift to help sustain the CCA through this difficult time. Gifts of any amount will only help us live up to our mission even in this global pandemic. Making a gift is easy by clicking on the donate button at the top of our web site.

So the bottom line is that we are here, we are keeping the arts alive and we are committed to getting ready for whatever comes next so that we can continue to bring the performing arts to our part of the world.

I know you miss coming to the CCA and we all miss seeing you here. But please know that although we are not currently presenting shows, we are sustaining the arts every day knowing that, at some point, the show will go on.

Danny Williams,
Executive Director