Flip Fabrique

Hello! Thank you for your interest in tickets. The show will be on sale on Thursday, July 1 at 10 a.m. Please check back!


About the show:

With only six degrees of separation, we are all connected. That means we, the performers, and you, the audience, are much closer than you think!

On the stage, six envelopes contain six mysterious invitations for six strangers. The guests have arrived, but one is missing. What to do while we wait? When renowned performer Jamie Adkins and his friends drop by, get ready for a wild ride! FLIP Fabrique’s ingenious brand of acrobatic physical comedy makes everyday situations a celebration of the extraordinary. Six° explores the sweet madness of waiting, the intricate beauty in a correspondence, unexpected encounters, joyful laughter, and breathtaking feats of acrobatics. But we can’t stop wondering – what if the sixth person, the missing connection – was you?

FLIP Fabrique tickets are $20-$40 and k-12 tickets are $15, including fees.

This video makes us really excited about this show. How about you?!


A word from the founder

When I was small, my mother always told me:
“Stop jumping, stop running about, calm down, and stand still for 2 minutes.”

And, of course, I knocked something over when I tripped on my shoe laces; I broke a glass when I spilled my orange juice … “I told you so,” she said.

15 years later, I still play around whenever I can. I throw objects in the air, I juggle with my eggs in the morning, I leap about everywhere; my friends throw me into the air and catch me just for fun.

I can still hear my mother saying, “Be careful, don’t go too fast, watch where you’re going …”

More often than not, adults have forgotten how to play and have fun.
How to play in the bath, to make music while cooking, to dance to the sound of music…
Somewhere along the line, certain ones among us lose their inner child; the one who amazes us, delights us, fills us with happiness and keeps us alive.

Oh my, what do we have here?
A bag full of oranges, a big red balloon, a swing, a slide, a diabolo, a trampoline…

Come on, let’s have some fun…

– Bruno Gagnon


FLIP Fabrique wishes to thank the Canada Council for the Arts, the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec and the City ofQuébec for their financial support

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